Optimize for Your surgery with Viviane!

Do You Want to ENTER into & Emerge out of your Surgery Confidently?

Have a non-eventful surgery, quick discharge, and accelerated recovery too?

Do You Want to ENTER into & Emerge out of your Surgery Confidently?

Have a non-eventful surgery, quick discharge, and accelerated recovery too?

If all there was to successful joint replacement was the surgery itself - end of discussion, problem solved!

But intuition and common sense says that, you as the patient, play a CRITICAL PART in the outcome.

RARELY is there discussion with your surgeon on optimizing your holistic/whole body wellness
PRIOR to surgery.

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Instead, patients are left on their own to potentially stress out & mind spin with terrifying thoughts until surgery day.

To delay surgery, I'll bet you've tried other options. You've probably tried all of these already:

  • The non-surgical options:
  • ​Knee braces
  • Over the counter oral meds
  • Topical lotions, balms and cremes
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Physical therapy
  • Hyaluronic acid shots (often called ‘Rooster shots)
  • Cortisone injections
  • The other options:
  • Ignoring it in the hope it will go away on its own.
  • Waiting for a new non-surgical cure.
  • ​Delaying for some ‘new and improvedsurgical procedure.
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And while some may have worked for a short time, 
none of them have worked forever. 

Surgery is now inevitable
​there is hope for a truly accelerated, optimized recovery.

Not with what I listed above, but with a new system.


The ‘Fit For Surgery System’


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Through this system, together we will optimize FOUR critical lifestyle areas pre-surgery so that your post-surgery is a success!

1. Optimized Nutrition

2. Functional Fitness

3. Stress and Anxiety

4. Immune System

Could you do this on your own? Honestly,
​maybe if you are the magical unicorn among us.

ou have the KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE in human health & physiology

You can hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE for a SUSTAINED period of time

But what if:


​Prioritizing the small pebbles instead of the BIG ROCKS?

​Or worse, inadvertently diminishing your opportunity for success by DOING NOTHING AT ALL?

About Viviane

My mission is to prepare clients for elective surgery by optimizing four critical lifestyle areas PRE-SURGERY so that they can live their life to its fullest POST-SURGERY.

As a board certified health coach and nationally certified personal trainer, I blend science-backed strategies, years of 'in the trenches' experience with personalized guidance to enhance your surgical success.

The combination of frailty and dementia frightens me to my very core - 

more so than the thought of death itself.

Why ?

Watching my mother suffer from both, for the last ten years of her life. Within those years she had 3 falls requiring two hip replacements (the other fall shattering her wrist bones).

For the second hip replacement

the pain I watched her endure while waiting in the ER
for an available
operating room and an orthopedic surgeon

was gut wrenching AND enlightening.​

After this surgery, she had to enter an assisted living facility and stayed there for the rest of her life.

The surgeon said, the one food group he wished everyone would prioritize was PROTEIN, regardless of whether they needed joint replacement surgery or not.

As the saying goes, I put a pin in it.

The next time this would come up would involve a client of mine.
​Have you ever heard the phrase "Over-fed and under-nourished" ?


You've Only Got One Chance To Do This, So Do It Right!

Work with me so we can set you on the path to walking confidently in and out of your surgery, having a quick recovery,
and resuming full mobility.

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